sznaider Anjay 1.12.0
Breaking changes:
- Updated AvsCommons to 3.8.0, which requires CMake 3.4.0 or higher. This
  means that Anjay requires CMake 3.4.0 or higher as well.
- Running tests requires grequests (

- Allowed configuration of UDP DTLS Handshake transmission parameters by
  anjay_configuration_t::udp_dtls_hs_tx_params field
- Allowed configuration of firmware download CoAP transmission parameters
  by anjay_fw_update_handlers_t::get_coap_tx_params handler implemented by
  the user
- Added sequence diagrams for library operations in documentation chapter
  "4.4. A few notes on general usage"

- Reformatted the entire codebase with clang-format
- Added more tests verifying demo client's behavior in situations with
  network connectivity issues
- Explained in the demo application why file descriptors other than 0, 1, 2,
  are being closed

- Fixed the cause of "could not stringify socket address" error
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