openFrameworks addon enabling the creation of user interfaces with integrated sound and visual feedback
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ofxAVUI is an openFrameworks addon that enables the creation of user interfaces (UI) with integrated audio and visual (AV) feedback. Different UI elements are combined into a UI “zone”. Each zone has a sound and a correspondent visualisation, which respond to changes in the UI. Multiple zones can be created. At the moment, the add-on contains the following UI elements:

  • Button
  • Toggle
  • Slider
  • Range slider
  • XY pad
  • Drop-down menu
  • Empty

Multiple sound effects can be used, and UI elements can be routed to effect parameters and sound playback options. Currently, the add-on contains delay (with size and feedback) and filter (with frequency and resonance) effects. Playback speed and volume can also be used for UI feedback. Currently there are three visualisations available (Wave, Bars, Circles), but these can be easily expandable.

The example code demonstrates the use of the different UI elements, audio effects and types of visuals. Usage of UI data outside of a zone is also exemplified.


ofxAVUI relies on Maximilian for audio. Therefore, it needs to be included as an add-on, together with ofxAVUI.

Maximilian for openFrameworks (ofxMaxim):