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AWB is the Asim Architect’s Workbench

AWB is tool for facilitating the modular plug-n-play style construction of software and hybrid software/hardware projects. It was originally written to create software performance models within the Asim performance modeling infrastructure. AWB’s origin as part of Asim is the reason for the many references to Asim in the documentation and tools themselves. AWB has, however, been extended to be a more general tool for constructing a variety of projects where selection of alternative implementations of modules in a plug-n-play manner is advantageous. In specific, AWB now supports hybrid hardware/software designs. The first of these was the HAsim modeling infrastructure, but a variety of other more general designs are currently using AWB.

Installation instructions for AWB

  • General system-level installation of AWB
  • The one time user-level AWB setup instructions



  • awb-shell – the command line-based interface to use an AWB workspace
  • awb – the GUI-based interface to use an AWB workspace
  • apm-edit – the GUI-based interface to create a model
  • awb-resolver – command line tool to resolve file names in an AWB workspace

Configuration file formats

Projects using awb

Additional Documentation

An overview of AWB is contained in the 2007 MOBS paper: document:“AWB – The Asim Architect’s Workbench”.


  • 2009/07/27 – Migrating from hasim_system to the new system module.
  • 2009/07/03 – AWB upgrade after split of AWB and Asimcore


See Releases pages.

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