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abhinavk99 v2.1.0 - Updated wrapper for Jikan REST v3.1
Added animelist and mangalist support for user endpoint
Added method for season archive endpoint
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Jikanpy is a Python wrapper for Jikan, providing bindings for all API functionality. Because it is intended to be pretty much identical, please consult Jikan's documentation for thornier details on how it is meant to be used. Perhaps most importantly, Jikanpy does not make any attempts to rate limit itself, so use it as responsibly as you would use the API primitively.


$ pip install git+git://


from jikanpy import Jikan
jikan = Jikan()

# json of all anime info specified by Jikan docs
mushishi = jikan.anime(457)

# same as above, but with extra info
# see Jikan docs for information about which endpoints have which extensions
mushishi_with_eps = jikan.anime(457, extension='episodes')
mushishi_with_eps_2 = jikan.anime(457, extension='episodes', page=2)
mushishi_with_characters_and_staff = jikan.anime(457, extension='characters_staff')

# you can also query characters
ginko = jikan.character(425)

# and manga
mushishi_manga = jikan.manga(418)

# search
search_result ='anime', 'Mushishi')
# add a page number to the search request
search_result ='anime', 'Mushishi', page=2)
# add a filter to the search (see Jikan docs about what filters are legal)
search_result ='anime', 'Mushishi', key='type', value='tv')
search_result ='anime', 'Mushishi', key='genre', value=37)
# use it all!
search_result ='anime', 'Mushishi', page=3, key='type', value='tv')

# seasonal anime
winter_2018 = jikan.season(year=2018, season='winter')
spring_2016 = jikan.season(year=2016, season='spring')

# all the years and seasons on MAL
archive = jikan.season_archive()

# scheduled anime
scheduled = jikan.schedule()
# add a day of the week if you only want the day's schedule
monday = jikan.schedule(day='monday')

# top anime
top_anime ='anime')
# add a page and subtype if you want
top_anime ='anime', page=2, subtype='upcoming')

# action anime
# See Jikan docs for mappings between genres and their IDs
action = jikan.genre(type='anime', genre_id=1)
# adventure manga
adventure = jikan.genre(type='manga', genre_id=2)

# anime made by Studio Deen (sasuga deen)
studio_deen_anime = jikan.producer(producer_id=37)
# add an optional page
studio_deen_anime = jikan.producer(producer_id=37, page=2)

# manga from Weekly Shounen Jump
jump = jikan.magazine(magazine_id=83)
# add an optional page
jump = jikan.magazine(magazine_id=83, page=2)

# user info
nekomata1037 = jikan.user(username='Nekomata1037')
# get profile info, same as above
nekomata1037 = jikan.user(username='Nekomata1037', request='profile')
# friends info
nekomata1037 = jikan.user(username='Nekomata1037', request='friends')
# history of anime/manga
nekomata1037 = jikan.user(username='Nekomata1037', request='history')
# anime list
nekomata1037 = jikan.user(username='Nekomata1037', request='animelist')
# manga list
nekomata1037 = jikan.user(username='Nekomata1037', request='mangalist')

# meta info about the Jikan REST API
# meta info about what requests have been done
requests = jikan.meta(request='requests', type='anime', period='today')
# meta info about API's status
status = jikan.meta(request='status', type='anime', period='today')

Async Usage (< Python 3.5)

from jikanpy import AioJikan
import asyncio

loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

aio_jikan = AioJikan(loop=loop)

def main(loop):
    mushishi = yield from aio_jikan.anime(457)
    fma = yield from aio_jikan.manga(25)
    ginko = yield from aio_jikan.character(425)
    naruto = yield from'anime', query='naruto')
    winter_2018 = yield from aio_jikan.season(year=2018, season='winter')
    archive = yield from aio_jikan.season_archive()
    monday = yield from aio_jikan.schedule(day='monday')
    top_anime = yield from'anime')
    meta = yield from aio_jikan.meta(request='requests', type='anime', period='today')
    action = yield from aio_jikan.genre(type='anime', genre_id=1)
    deen = yield from aio_jikan.producer(producer_id=37)
    jump = yield from aio_jikan.magazine(magazine_id=83)
    nekomata1037 = yield from aio_jikan.user(username='Nekomata1037')
    # Close the connection to Jikan API
    yield from aio_jikan.close()


Async Usage (Python 3.5+)

from jikanpy import AioJikan

loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

aio_jikan = AioJikan(loop=loop)

async def main(loop):
    mushishi = await aio_jikan.anime(457)
    fma = await aio_jikan.manga(25)
    ginko = await aio_jikan.character(425)
    naruto = await'anime', query='naruto')
    winter_2018 = await aio_jikan.season(year=2018, season='winter')
    archive = await aio_jikan.season_archive()
    monday = await aio_jikan.schedule(day='monday')
    top_anime = await'anime')
    meta = await aio_jikan.meta(request='requests', type='anime', period='today')
    action = await aio_jikan.genre(type='anime', genre_id=1)
    deen = await aio_jikan.producer(producer_id=37)
    jump = await aio_jikan.magazine(magazine_id=83)
    nekomata1037 = await aio_jikan.user(username='Nekomata1037')
    # Close the connection to Jikan API
    await aio_jikan.close()



# In root of repository
$ python -m pytest