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QLDB Simple Demo

This is a simple demo application to show the basics of Amazon QLDB. It is currently setup into two folders:

Backend - this contains the functionality to expose the following API's via AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda:

  • Create Licence
  • Update Licence
  • Update Contact
  • Get Contact

Streams - this contains the functionality to setup a QLDB Stream (TBD)

More detailed instructions on how to run the demo is setout in separate README files in the relevant folder

Major Updates


  • Update permissions mode to STANDARD from ALLOW_ALL
  • Switch webpack to esbuild
  • Update to new fine grained permissions
  • Update to Node14

Jun-27-2020 Updated to use Amazon QLDB Nodejs Driver v1.0.0. Most significant update is the switch from PooledQldbDriver to the standard QldbDriver which now includes the pooling functionality. The executeLambda method is now made available on the driver instance, so all code to create QldbSession instance and close the session is removed.

Apr-06-2020 Significant updates to migrate to the new Amazon QLDB Driver for Nodejs. Overall updates include:

  • Update to Amazon QLDB Nodejs Driver v1.0.0-rc
    • Update aws-sdk
    • Update ion-js
    • Install jsbi
  • Update to nodejs12.x
  • Install DAZN Lambda Powertools Logger to adopt structured log format
  • Return JSON success and error responses for Create and Get Vehicle APIs
  • Remove all redundant functions after refactoring


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