A python wrapper for the StackExchange API
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This is a Python wrappers for the Stack Exchange API. This library supports Stack Exchange API v2.2.

Documentation Status

This library has support for:

  • The Stack Exchange backoff parameter. It will automatically force a delay to match the parameter.
  • Read and write functionality via the API.
  • Can retrieve multiple pages of results with a single call and merges all the results into a single response.
  • Throws exceptions returned by the API for easier troubleshooting.
  • Utilizes Requests.

Example usage:

Establish a connection to Stack Overflow and gather some comments

from stackapi import StackAPI
SITE = StackAPI('stackoverflow')
comments = SITE.fetch('comments')

The above, will issue a call to the comments. end point on Stack Overflow.

Much more detailed documentation is available on ReadTheDocs.