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AXAEM, or APPX-based Archives Enterprise Manager, is an open source application created by the State of Utah to manage the workflow of the State Archives. It automates both archival and records management processes, describing records of all types, records creators and other entities, training opportunities available for records officers, patron requests, volunteers, projects, and microfilm and digitization work orders. It also facilitates the accessioning of physical records, and can manage holdings and space allocation, or integrate with third-party software for that purpose. It can ingest and extract metadata from electronic records and run many tools useful in the format validation and transformation process. It also integrates with Gmail and the Google calendar API, supporting the batch downloading of email from that source per labels/folders applied, as well as sending email from a Gmail account or posting an event to the calendar. The database is integrated with the Solr search engine for ease of public access, which offers faceted searching based upon AXAEM metadata and downloading of ingested electronic records. AXAEM also supports the creation of record indexes that are web-searchable (such as by a person’s name or relevant date). Other website integration includes the ability to print retention schedules or submit new ones, as well as provide online tests for the certification of records officers. The application has one required software dependency, which is the APPX utility (proprietary and fully vendor-supported). AXAEM’s GPL open-source license has an exception for this utility. Other software dependencies used in the electronic records process are optional, generally open-source, and have their own licensing requirements. In Utah, the box inventory system integrated with AXAEM is another proprietary product: Versatile from Zasio. All software dependencies are the responsibility of the user.

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