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A patching tools that can apply known hacks to the vanilla DOOM executable
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Doom Patcher

This is a patching tool that can apply multiple different hacks to the Doom 2 version 1.9 executable (709905 bytes).

This utility is a collection of hacks that were distributed on Doomworld over the years.

Most of the hacks are cumulative, which means that applying a hack doesn't change the bytes at an offset used by another hack, so you can use many of these hacks at the same time.


VANILLA: The hack is not detected. The bytes at the offsets where the patch does the changes are the same as vanilla.

PATCHED: The executable is already patched with this hack.

UNKNOWN: The executable is corrupted or an incompatible hack has already been applied.

List of hacks

  • Increase the maximum mouse sensitivity form 9 to 127
  • Increase the maximum heap size to 32MB
  • Display "Picked up a medikit that you REALLY need!"
  • Fix for fast doors that make two closing sounds
  • Fix for the ouch face
  • Fix for the duration of the SSG's muzzle flash
  • Fix Arch-Vile fire spawned at the wrong location
  • Disable 'Q' when recording demos
  • Extend the stack allocation size (64KB => 512KB)
  • Use DPCHGUN/DSCHGUN as the chaingunner's attack sound
  • Enable random sound pitch
  • Increase the static limits to those of Doom plus
  • Enable long tics
  • Replace 'Deathmatch 1.0' with 'Deathmatch 3.0'
  • Make the startup banner blue

The extended stack size hack is incompatible with Doom plus.


Many thanks to the authors of the hacks who made them available on Doomworld. They are: Miguel Folatelli (aka myk), Andrey "entryway" Budko (aka e6y), Colin Phipps (aka cph), Randy87 and xttl. If you can't find your name here and think I forgot you, then send me an email or contact me on Doomworld.

Sumitting patches

On GNU/Linux, you can easily create a patch to be added to this script using this command:

cmp -l DOOM2.EXE HACKED.EXE | gawk '{printf "[0x%08X, 0x%02X, 0x%02X],\n", $1-1, strtonum(0$2), strtonum(0$3)}'

You can add the generated output to the Python script and make it work with minimal changes.

You may open a pull request and I will take a look at your new patch. Please, one pull request per hack.

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