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JavaScript API

The JavaScript module axemas.js permits interaction with the native code of the application:

  • goto
  • gotoFromSidebar
  • call
  • alert
  • dialog
  • showProgressHUD
  • hideProgressHUD
  • getPlatform
  • platformDetails
  • storeData
  • fetchData
  • removeData
  • log


Pushes new section on the navigation stack. It is the equivalent of the iOS [NavigationSectionsManager goto] and Android's NavigationSectionsManager.goTo(). All three functions accept a dictionary as payload which defines the extra actions the goto call must execute:

    "stackMaintainedElements": 0,
    "stackPopElements": 0}

The payload structure is shared between JavaScript, Objective C and Java, and accepts the following parameters:

  • url contains the local or remote address from which the WebView must load the content
  • title (optional) is the tile show in the application's ViewController / Action Bar.
  • toggleSidebarIcon (optional) is the sidebar's icon to be displayed and if missing a button to open the sidebar will not be created
  • actionbarRightIcon (optional) icon to display as a button on the right of the actionbar inside the target section, pressing the button triggers the navigationbarRightButtonAction event on section controllers.
  • stackMaintainedElements (optional) instructs the navigation stack to pop all views and maintain the last X sections indicated on the bottom of the stack; it is ill advised to use in conjunction with stackPopElements
  • stackPopElements (optional) instructs the navigation stack to pop the first X sections; it is ill advised to use in conjunction with stackMaintainedElements
  • animation (optional) only supported on iOS platform, can be used to change the default push/pop animation in one of "fade" or "slidein" values


Same as goto but closes the sidebar and must be used only inside the sidebar section. Refer to goto:

    "stackMaintainedElements": 0,
    "stackPopElements": 0}


The call enables JavaScript to execute a native registered handler inside a SectionController:'openNativeController');'execute-and-return', '{"payload": "something"}', function(result) {


Creates a native dismissible alert dialog with a title and a message:

axemas.alert('Alert title', "Alert message");


Generates a native dialog with a title, a message and a maximum of three buttons. When pressing a button a callback returns the button's value as integer, range [0-3]:

axemas.dialog('Dialog title', 'Dialog display message', ['Cancel', 'Ok'],function(data) {
    axemas.alert('Pressed button', data.button);


Locks interface interaction by displaying a spinner on the screen. The same spinner is always displayed when lading the contents of a page inside a section:



Used to dismiss a previously displayed progressHUD:



Uses the navigator.userAgent object to determine if the current platform. Returns Android, iOS or unsupported:

if (axemas.getPlatform() == 'your_platform') {
    //do something


Getting information about device: model, systemName and systemVersion.

For example:

axemas.platformDetails(function(device_info) {

// Example of the device_infor

//iOS Device
{model: "iPhone", systemVersion: "9.3", systemName: "iPhone OS"}

//Android Device
{model: "Nexus 5", systemName: "Android", systemVersion: "6.0.1"}


Uses the Native/WebView's localSotrage for key/value storing. Data stored will be available next time the application is launched:



Returns a previously stored value providing a key:

var value = axemas.fetchData("key");


Permanently removes the previously saved data from the locationStorage:



Utility for use native and javascript log system:

axemas.log("Hello World");


axemas.log({'tag': 'CustomTAG', 'message': "Hello World"});
  • tag is the tag for Android, default is AXEMAS_LOG
  • message is the message of the log as String