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@charlesrocket charlesrocket released this Aug 27, 2020

  • PrivateSend: support mixing on hardware wallets (using ps_keystore)
  • PrivateSend: indicate waiting state (all mixed, wait for more funds)
  • qt: fix exported files file mode
  • qt: allow hide warning for watch-only wallet
  • add "pay:" scheme to support
  • allow bypass Tor proxy for Fiat rates loading (option in Proxy settings)
  • protx_list: enhance network data processing
  • other qt gui fixes
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@charlesrocket charlesrocket released this Apr 28, 2020

  • Trezor/KeepKey plugins: fix signing of CbTx outputs
  • disable PrivateSend and PrivateSend UI for HW wallets (unsupported)
  • update Tor Proxy in win builds to
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Nov 13, 2019
Merge pull request #95 from zebra-lucky/fix_extra_payload_handling
fix extra_payload output in Commands.deserialize

@charlesrocket charlesrocket released this Sep 2, 2019

  • appimage: URLs could not be opened on some desktop environments (#5425)
  • add Axe P2P Network for InstantSend support (axe_net, axe_peer, axe_msg modules, qt/kivy gui)
  • add InstantSend support (wallet/stdio/text/qt/kivy)
  • refactor ProTx support (stores ProTX MNs and LLMQ lists in file)
  • refresh checkpoints, use gzipped checkpoints
  • fix fonts blur on macOS retina
  • fix android install wizard back button behavior
  • other minor bug fixes and usability improvements.
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