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The AXR Project

The AXR Project is a revolutionary open source project that will fundamentally improve our tools to create web sites and apps.

It's much in the style of current web standards, using plain text files linked together to create the final site, but with a complete separation of content and presentation, where the content is pure semantic data written in XML, and the presentation and behavior layer is written in HSS, a new language based on CSS, but with many powerful features, such as hierarchical notation, object orientation, modularization for code reuse, expressions (math), vector graphics, references (bindings between objects), and a very long etc.


This repository is the place where the development of the AXR website takes place.

This repository is managed by Ragnis Armus Please read through the entire readme before contacting him, since this may answer your question.

File an issue

You are more than welcome to file any issue you find with the website at A voluteer will answer as soon as possible.

When creating an issue, make sure to

  • Use a short but describing title
  • Explain the problem
  • If needed include screenshots
  • Make sure everything is grammatically correct