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;Install configuration file for AZOrange
;method for repositories interaction: "yes" "no"
repoInteraction = yes
;repository is the URL for the Git Repository
;For developers with read and right access, change the URL to the SSH or HTTP form:
; or
repository =
;Always use full paths.
;OBS Never make trunk and build dir the same. Recompiling is done in buildDir which is kept with preCleanBuildDir = No
BuildDir = /tmp/AZOBuildDir
;For developer Install Type, you can leave installDir blank
installDir =
;Type of installation: "system" or "developer"
;System: Checkout to trunk, Build, install.
;developer: Checkout to trunk, build, install on same trunkDir (will not use installDir)
InstallType = developer
;When installing using only the open source repository, set next option to True
OpenInstallation = True
;Clean actions before starting installation procedure. "Yes" or "No"
;The "NO" is mandatory, but the "Yes" still depends on other options.
preCleanBuildDir = yes
preCleanInstallDir = no
;Clean actions after installation. "Yes" or "No"
;For system installation, removes trunk and build dir after installation
;For developer installation, removes build dir after the installation
CleanInstallCache = No
;relative paths are related to the current install dir
LogFile = ./install.log
DetailsLogFile = ./details.log
;The templateProfileFile will also be always placed in root of installDir in a
; system installation or in the root of trunkDir in a developer installation as well as in the current dir
TemplateProfileFile = ./templateProfile
TemplateProfileFileBash = ./templateProfile.bash
;Run the tests in test suite after install: Yes or No
RunTestsAfterInstall = yes
;Script inside the tests directory to run
TestScript =
;relative paths are related to the current install dir
LogFile = ./tests.log
DetailsLogFile = ./testDetails.log
;The Env Vars can be added in this section as needed
;These envVars will be added to the TemplateProfileFile
;EnvVas required by some orangeDependencies Makefile
;Python include Dir
INCLUDE_DIR = /usr/include/python%PYTHON_VER%
;Python lib full path (ex: .../libpython2.6.a)
PYTHONLIB = /usr/lib/python%PYTHON_VER%/config/libpython%PYTHON_VER%.a
;Python executable
PYTHON = /usr/bin/python%PYTHON_VER%
;the var names MUST be in CAPITALS!
;Do not use localVars within this section
;To use them in this setup file, place them between %% Ex: PYTHON = /usr/bin/python%PYTHON_VER%
;Platform Type can be workstation or something else like for instance cluster if you want separate types of installations.
PlatformType = workstation
;include in the template profile the source of the files in the option "sources" (comma separated files)
; Use just if needed. For example, when we need to load modules it might be needed to use the following option
;sources = /etc/profile.d/modules.csh
;If the optimizer tests are failing, it might be necessary this option
;gcc module to be used only when compiling appspack
GCCmoduleForAppspackMPI = none
; DependencyName = FileURL|SVNURL[,VersionNumber|RevNumber][,*]
;If RevNum, in SVN cases, is not provided, the SVN HEAD will be used
;If dependency not specified or is empty, it will not use the dependency at all.
; It must be somehow already installed or being loaded by modules
;If the third argument * is present, the respective dependency will not be built and it will use a previous installed one.
; It must already have been installed in a previous azorange full installation (without *)
orange =,2.5a2
appspack =,5.0.1
boost =,1.34.1
opencv =,2.0.0
plearn = svn://,8124
cinfony =,1.0
rdkit =,2011.03
;rdkit =,Q42009_2
cdk =,1.2.7
ftm =,0.1
fminer =,0.0
clustering =,1.1
;For sending reports to multiple accounts, separate them by comma
supportEmails =
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