An attempt to address the "double key press" issue on Apple's butterfly keyboard
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Unshaky tries to address an issue on the butterfly keyboard (Macbook & MacBook Pro 2016 or later): Double Key Press (See "User complaints" below).

Apple made it difficult to replace only the keyboard and it costs hundreds of dollars. Unshaky might save your keyboard by dismissing such "second key hits" (any key presses that occur no later than x milliseconds after the previous effective one). I fixed my "w" key with Unshaky, and if it does not work for you, open an issue here.

[June 2018] Good news, Apple launched a Keyboard Service Program for MacBook and MacBook Pro, and go get your keyboard fixed, maybe temporarily.

User Complaints

How-To (Video Walkthrough)

Click the image below to watch it on YouTube

How to install and setup Unshaky

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Download here

First, move the "" to your "/Applications" folder.

Grant Accessibility Permission

Follow the instruction when you first open Unshaky. If the instruction does not work for you, go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy (Tab) -> Accessibility (Left panel) and add "" Make sure it is checked.

Grant Accessibility Permission

Launch at Startup (Optional)

Go to System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> Login Items (Tab) and add "".

Grant Accessibility Permission