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Source Code : Folder named SchoolbagApp Apk : Schoolbag.apk


This is an epub file reader which can be used to read books in epub format. The students are given the books in epub format and these books are stored in Aakash. Students can filter the books by their board, medium, standard and browse these books by subject. School Bag eliminates the need of carrying bulky physical textbooks and students can carry the books in the form of epub files. It supports different languages to facilitate students which are studying in non-English medium schools.


  1. Copy the Schoolbag.apk file into your android device.
  2. Tap on Schoolbag.apk file and follow the instructions to install.

Development Team

  • Project Head

    • Dr. Deepak.B.Phatak
  • Project Manager

    • Dr. Kiran Khosla
  • Developers

    1. Mohan Pednekar
    2. Suraj Torane
    3. Sachin Shirsat
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