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Aam Digital

Empowering NGOs' social workers with simple to use (database) software.

For more information about the software and a free demo system visit

Use / Deploy

You can directly run the system using Docker. More information in our NGO-DB/docker repository. In that case you do not have to clone this repository and install all the dependencies as everything is packaged into the docker image already.


Our detailed documentation and API reference is hosted on GitHub Pages:


The project depends on a couple of tools which are required for development. Please make sure you have the following installed:

You can simply git clone this repository to get all the code with its configuration and requirements. Then install the dependencies with

npm install


Create a config file at assets/config.json by copying the default config assets/config.default.json. The default config file is used as a fallback. Adapt the settings, especially regarding the CouchDB server that should be used for server-side synchronisation.

Using Angular CLI

Development server

Run ng serve for a dev server. Navigate to http://localhost:4200/. The app will automatically reload if you change any of the source files.

Code scaffolding (Generate new modules and components)

You can use Angular CLI to add new code to the project. Run ng generate component component-name to generate a new component. You can also use ng generate directive|pipe|service|class|module.


Run ng build -prod to build the project. The build artifacts will be stored in the dist/ directory. Use the -prod flag for a production build.

Running unit tests

Run ng test to execute the unit tests via Karma.

Running end-to-end tests

Run ng e2e to execute the end-to-end tests via Protractor. Before running the tests make sure you are serving the app via ng serve.

Further help

To get more help on the Angular CLI use ng help or go check out the Angular CLI README.

Server side logging

The service side logging is performed via the logging service. The credentials for the EWB-Account can be found in the podio workspace.


Our project is run completely by volunteers. Contributions welcome!

Please read the Contribution Guidelines if you want to contribute code to this project.

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