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Aardwolf Social: Powering connected social communities with open software


Aardwolf is a platform for creating new social networks, connected across the web. While existing social media sites work to funnel the world into a single shared experience (and advertising marketplace), we recognize that we are all individuals with different identities and interests.

Our vision is to create a social-networking platform that mirrors the functionality of Facebook while also considering the needs of the community. We hope to be one of many federated applications working towards a better, friendlier, social Internet.


As a COMMUNITY it is very important to us that we maintain a positive and supportive environment for everyone who wants to participate. When you join us we ask that you follow our code of conduct in all interactions both on and offline.

Here are the areas we could use help with! ProTip: Working on a project is a great way to learn programming ;)

  • Rust Developers, folk that want to learn are welcome! - Rust
  • Frontend Developers, HTML/CSS folks that want to help with the Aardwolf Interface
  • Documentation help. Proofreading, organization, update wiki, etc.
  • Docker containers/VM's. Some progress has been made building Docker images (for developement)
  • PostgreSQL database admins. Since Postgres is our current DB of choice, it'd be nice to make sure that we're doing things right ;)

Once your ready to dive in please check out our contributor's guidelines, and our roadmap.


If you have ANY questions please feel free to reach out to us!


All Aardwolf software is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License License: AGPL v3