Materials for recitation section of BIO 0132 at Tufts University
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Biostatistics (BIO 0132) recitation

The initial commit of this repository were the final materials used for the Fall 2018 semester of Biostatistics, a course offered through the biology department at Tufts University. This was the third semester I had been a TA for the course. The first semester, the course used SPSS for data analysis and the recitation was offered as optional and mostly an open office hours for help troubleshooting SPSS issues. The second semester I taught, we made the switch to R. I migrated course materials including worksheets and homeworks to use R Notebooks. These materials are in a separate repository. I co-taught a required recitation section with Natalie Kerr, for which we created all the course materials. The primary goal of the recitation was to give students the tools they needed to complete weekly problem sets and reinforce lecture concepts.

The following year (this repo) I co-taught the course with Avalon Owens and we took a tidyverse-centric approach to introducing students to R. Students were required to install R and RStudio as well as go through the DataCamp Introduction to R course before the first recitation.

Feel free to fork and edit to use for your own course. If you notice mistakes or have suggestions for improvement, please file an issue.