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Objective-C wrapper for SQLite
Objective-C Ruby
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ABSQLite is an Objective-C wrapper to SQLite making it easy to use the database.

There are 3 classes that conform to the ABDatabaseProtocols
There is a full example included that shows how the classes are used.

Quick start:

Copy the required files to your project
import "ABSQLiteDB.h

*ABDatabase methods of interest:

  • (BOOL) connect:(NSString*)uri
  • (void) beginTransaction
  • (void) rollback
  • (void) commit
  • (void) sqlExecute:(NSString*)sql
  • (id) sqlSelect:(NSString*)sql

*ABRecordset methods of interest:

  • (BOOL) eof
  • (id) fieldWithName:(NSString*)fieldName;

*ABField methods of interest:

  • (NSString*) name;
  • (BOOL) isNull;
  • (BOOL) booleanValue;
  • (NSString*) stringValue;
  • (NSDate*) dateValue;
  • (int) intValue;
  • (double) doubleValue;
  • (long long int) longLongValue;
  • (NSData*) rawValue;

Example included.


ABSQLite is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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