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👨🏻‍💻 introduction

padseek is a module-based drum sequencer made with love and javascript. this is an ongoing project, so it might be wonky here and there, but please feel free to check back in for more features and add-ons!

click "what is this?" in the bottom left corner of padseek for a visual walkthrough

visual how to operate
walkthrough choose a tempo for your sequence via the 'tempo (beats per minute)' field inside of the 'sequence controls' module

activate your selected pad pieces inside the 'drum pad' module (optionally: duplicate existing pads)

choose the drum samples that fit your sequence through the 'sample selection' module

press 'play sequence' or 'pause sequence' to do exactly what that says

see modules below

keyboard shortcuts: bottom of this document

click here to start building your own drum sequences

🎛️ modules

sequence controls

visual how to operate
controls module play / pause sequence:
this button allows you to control whether or not the sequence is running

clear selections:
this button will reset all of the pad piece selections you've made

tempo (beats per minute):
this field controls the speed at which your drum sequence will run

you can enter a tempo value, or calculate and set one using the keyboard shortcuts outlined in the tempo module

sample selection

visual how to operate
sample selection module drum sample options:
each row of this module houses a different set of drum samples for you to choose from

you can make your sample selections at anytime during the sequence

sample sampler:
clicking on the triangle icon will play the currently selected option for that sample type
sample swapper sample swapper:
clicking on the gear icon will allow you to swap that row's sample type with a new one

drum pads

visual how to operate
drum pad module duplicate pad:
this button will duplicate the pad beneath it directly in front of it (the maximum sequence size is 32 pads)

remove pad:
this button will remove the pad beneath it

pad pieces:
activating a pad piece will result in that piece's row triggering the selected sample

duplicate sequence:
this button will duplicate the entire pad sequence (the maximum sequence size that can be duplicated is 16 pads)

remove all pads:
this button will remove all pads except the first

randomization module

visual how to operate
randomization module randomize:
this button will randomize the sequence according to the randomization options you have selected

random shared sequence:
this button will load a random sequence that has been publicly shared
option description pseudo*
arrangement randomly arranges all pad pieces no
samples selects random sample options no
number of pads generates a random sequence size (number of drum pads) yes
beats per minute randomizes the sequence tempo yes
these options switches random randomization options on / off default

*pseudorandom options choose from a set a predefined values that follow popular sequence structures

shared sequences

visual how to operate
shared sequences module share sequence:
this button will prompt you to name your sequence before sharing its data with the community

browse recently shared sequences:
click on any of the named buttons under this section to load a sequence that has been shared by another user

saved sequences

visual how to operate
saved sequences module load sequences:
after entering the name of an existing user with valid data, pressing this button will load up that user's personally saved sequences

save current sequence:
pressing this button will save the current sequence for the user that was provided

sequences saved by loaded user:
uhh... a list... of sequences... saved... by the... currently... loaded... user... ahem...

tempo tool

visual how to operate
tempo module to operate:
the bpm display inside the tempo module displays the tempo currently being calculated

hit the [ t ] key on each beat to get the number of beats per minute

hit the [ r ] key to reset the bpm counter

hit the [ s ] key to set the sequence tempo to the newly calculated bpm

themes ▫️▪️

regular theme dark theme
regular padseek theme dark padseek theme

switch themes using the options in top right corner

keyboard shortcuts

key shortcut
[ c ] open or close shortcuts menu
[ p ] play or pause your sequence
[ x ] clear all of your selected pad pieces
[ z ] randomize sequence with current randomization options
[ m ] share current sequence
[ j ] copy the sequence data in JSON format to your clipboard
[ t ] calculate tempo (press repeatedly)
[ r ] reset calculated tempo
[ s ] set sequence tempo from calculated tempo

see javascript/padseek.js for to-do list


module-based drum sequencing



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