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set -o errexit -o nounset -o xtrace
# Quick start:
# wget -O - | bash -ex
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install postgresql haskell-platform -y
cabal update
cabal install keter
sudo mkdir -p /opt/keter/bin
sudo cp ~/.cabal/bin/keter /opt/keter/bin
sudo mkdir -p /opt/keter/etc
cat > /tmp/keter-config.yaml <<EOF
# /opt/keter/etc/keter-config.yaml
root: ..
setuid: $USER
# host: host to bind to
# port: port to listen on
# ssl:
# host:
# port:
# key:
# certificate:
sudo chown root:root /tmp/keter-config.yaml
sudo mv /tmp/keter-config.yaml /opt/keter/etc
cat > /tmp/keter.conf <<EOF
# /etc/init/keter.conf
start on (net-device-up and local-filesystems and runlevel [2345])
stop on runlevel [016]
console none
exec /opt/keter/bin/keter /opt/keter/etc/keter-config.yaml
sudo chown root:root /tmp/keter.conf
sudo mv /tmp/keter.conf /etc/init
sudo start keter
sudo mkdir -p /opt/keter/incoming
sudo chown "$USER" /opt/keter/incoming