🐮 High level interface to cuBLAS in Common Lisp
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  • high level wrapper for cublas in lisp, for example (multiply A B)
  • automatic deallocation of tensors
  • automatic casting casting between the gpu and cpu depending on operation.


You will require the following in order to use this package:

  • CUDA, version 8 and 9 seem to work fine.
  • SBCL, maybe other implementations will work.
  • Quicklisp

To get started, clone this repository into your Quicklisp local-projects directory. Ensure that your CUDA lib folder is available in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Run the demos script with sbcl --load demos.lisp


This is a very young project and started mostly for fun. Contributions are absolutely welcome, just send a pull request if you want to add something. :)