📚 Simple library written in C for accessing invoices and company data created by Sage Accounts 50.
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A small C library designed to allow read only access to Sage Accounts 50 data without having to use the ODBC driver. This is particularly useful if you need to access the data from a none-Windows machine (which was the intended purpose).

One possible application of this library might be a tool to synchronise invoices from Sage to an SQL server.


demo/main.c is a simple demonstration which asks for an invoice number and then prints out a few details about the invoice. For example:

$ make
mkdir -p build
gcc src/*.c demo/*.c -o build/main

$ ./build/main
Enter an Invoice Number: 8900
You entered: 8900

Invoice Number: 8900
  Company Name: Customer Name                                               
       Creator: MANAGER  
          Date: Mon Jan  5 00:00:00 2014
   Modified On: Mon Jan  6 00:26:35 2014
    Created on: Sun Jan  5 20:08:54 2014
Date Processed: Mon Jan  6 00:26:35 2014
       Printed: No
       Emailed: Yes
        Posted: No
| PRODUCT CODE                   | DESCRIPTION                                                  | Q |
| KitKat                         | Chocolate-covered wafer biscuit bar                          | 5 |

Further Work!

  • Fill in the missing fields from the two supported tables (Invoice, Invoice Item)
  • Add support for additional tables
  • Add partial support for the index tables, not really sure how useful they are though


I would love contributions. If you find a bug or merely an improvement, please send a pull request. I am not a very good C programmer so I'm sure there are many problems with my code.