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An upgraded version of Bamazon (a Node.js "Amazon-like" store front
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An upgraded version of Bamazon (a "Amazon-like" store front) that utilizes Node.js, MySQL, and a local database

Bamazon MK II Setup

Step 1
  • Install the npm modules needed by navigating to the Bamazon Mk II directory within the terminal and type npm i (see below)

screenshot installing npm modules

NPM Modules Used

  • chalk
  • cli-table-redemption
  • inquirer
  • mysql
Step 2
  • Run the bamazon.js file using the command node bamazon.js
  • NOTE: I have nodemon installed so please feel free to use it if you do as well

Bamazon MK II Usage


  • You will have three options to choose from:
    • Customer
    • Manager
    • Supervisor (still under construction)
Choosing Customer
  • Choosing Customer will bring up the following table:


  • You can then select the item you wish to "purchase" and the quantity. You will be given a total and the option to "purchase" another item.


  • The database is updated with its new totals. See item No. 1.


  • Selecting No will bring you back to welcome.
Choosing Manager


  • Choosing Manager will bring up the following options:

    • View Products for Sale
    • View Low Inventory
    • Add To Inventory
    • Add New Product
    • Go Back
  • View Products for Sale will bring up the table of items like the one the customer sees.

  • View Low Inventory will bring up a table of items that have a quantity less than five. screenshot

  • Add To Inventory allows you to increase the quantity of an item in the inventory.

Add New Product allows you to put a brand new item into the inventory.

Choosing Supervisor
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