This repository holds the code for that team three wrote for the CS247 module at the University of Warwick. The project scours the web searching for information that may be relevant to the stock market and then reports it to a user via an android application along with a suggestion on what actions to take because of this news.
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This system was built for the CS247 group project module at the University of Warwick, UK.

It searches the internet for news that might be relevant to stock market.

Then if an article is found it then determines what actions the user should take based on this news item to maximise gains or minimise losses.

Finally it reports this information to a user via an android application.

Here is a high level overview of how the system works


This is the android application



You will need to define some values in order for this application to be fully functional.

In enter your alchemy api key ( )

In enter your wolfram alpha app id (

In enter your google account id to enable C2DM support


In enter your google auth string to enable C2DM support ( )

Compiling the system

To compile / build the system, run "ant".

To compile the app, you'll need to run "android update project -p /path/to/src/app" followed by "ant app".

Or you can use the eclipse ADT plugin which is simpler.

Running the system

The system is comprised of two components: server.jar and client.jar To start the system, firstly run server.jar with the following command: java -jar server.jar

Then start a client with java -jar client.jar

It is possible, and encouraged, to run multiple clients. Just run the previous command several times.

The clients need not be started on the same machine as the server, but you will need to add the IP addresses of any clients to whitelist.txt on the machine running the server. The server does NOT need to be restarted after a change to whitelist.txt

Adding data sources

Data sources can be added to the system in the sources.txt file. Currently both RSS feeds and Twitter feeds are supported.

For an RSS feed, use the following syntax: RSS

For a Twitter feed, use: TWT

where interval is the time period, in seconds, between re-parsing.

The server does NOT need to be restarted after changing sources.txt, it will update as soon as the file is saved.

Running the android app

The android app can be run via the official emulator that Google provides, I recommend using the eclipse ADT plugin to do this as it's more straightforward

The app attempts to connect to a server running on the same machine as the emulator and will display whether or not is has successfully connected.

If you wish to change the address of the server the android application connects to you can edit it in the file.