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Features β€’ How To Use β€’ Install β€’ Visualizations β€’ Data Source β€’ Credits β€’ To-Do List


Covidify downloads the latest covid-19 data for confirmed cases, deaths and recoveries.

  • Creates a time series dataset
  • Creates a daily stats dataset
  • Forecast global and country confirmed cases
  • Generate visualizations
  • Filter by country
  • List all countries affected
  • Shows number of people currently infected
  • Generates an excel report including all of the above



  • pip install covidify

How to use

$ covidify
Usage: covidify [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...


   - use the most up-to-date data to generate reports of 
     confirmed cases, fatalities and recoveries.

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  list  List all the countries that have confirmed cases.
  run   Generate reports for global cases or refine by country.
$ covidify run --help
Usage: covidify run [OPTIONS]

  --output TEXT    Folder to output data and reports [Default:
  --source TEXT    There are two datasources to choose from, Johns Hopkins
                   github repo or wikipedia -- options are JHU or wiki
                   respectively [Default: JHU]
  --country TEXT   Filter reports by a country
  --top TEXT       Top N infected countries for log plot. [Default: 10]
  --forecast TEXT  Number of days to forecast cumulative cases in the future.
                   [Default: 15]
  --help           Show this message and exit.

Example Commands:

# List all countries affected 
covidify list --countries
# Will default to desktop folder for output and github for datasource
covidify run 
# Specify output folder and source
covidify run --output=<PATH TO DESIRED OUTPUT FOLDER>
# Filter reports by country
covidify run --country="South Korea"
# Show top 20 infected countries on a logarithmic scale
covidify run --top=20
# Forecast cumulative cases in America for 14 days into the future
covidify run --country=America --forecast=14


An excel spreadsheet is generated with a number of visualizations and statistics.


Logarithmic Plot

This plot shows the top N infected countries on a logarithmic scale. alt text


An ARIMA model is trained and used to forecast the cumulative cases for N number of days into the future (DISCLAIMER: the forecast is a ballpark figure, and should not be taken as gospel) alt text

Accumulative Trend

This is an accumulative sum trendline for all the confirmed cases, deaths and recoveries. alt text

Daily Trendline

This is a daily sum trendline for all the confirmed cases, deaths and recoveries. alt text

Stacked Daily Confirmed Cases

This stacked bar chart shows a daily sum of people who are already confirmed (red) and the people who have been confirmed on that date (blue)

alt text

Daily Confirmed Cases

A count for new cases on a given date, does not take past confirmations into account. alt text

Daily Deaths

A count for deaths on a given date, does not take past deaths into account. alt text

Daily Recoveries

A count for new recoveries on a given date, does not take past recoveries into account. alt text

Currently Infected

A count for all the people who are currently infected for a given date. alt text