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# 9.0.0

* Tokei now has config files. You can now specify some commonly used arguments
in a `.tokeirc`/`tokei.toml`. Namely `columns` to set the default column
output, `types` to filter your count to just a single set of languages, and
`treat_doc_strings_as_comments` which is a new option that allows you to
specify whether to treat doc strings such as `"""` in Python as comments
or code.
The config files can be specified in two places, the current directory tokei
is running in and your [system configuration
directory]( The
priority of options is as follows
`CLI > <current_directory> > <configuration_directory>`.
* Tokei is now available on [Conda](
* [Tokei's README has been translated
to chinese.](
* `LanguageType` now implements `Hash`.
* Tokei now batches it's console output, this should result in a small
performance boost.
* There is now a `--columns` argument for manually setting tokei's output width.
* The `--sort` argument is now case-insensitive.
* Tokei will now mark languages who's files failed to parse correctly as
potentially inaccurate.
* Due to a bug in trust-ci `x86_64-unknown-netbsd` versions are will not be
available in GitHub releases. (You will still be able to install from source.)
* Due to toml-rs's lacking enum support the TOML output option has
been disabled.

**Added languages**
- @t-richards Liquid
- @diaphore Added the `.glsl` extension to GLSL.
- @ahmedelgabri Twig
- @pmoura Logtalk
- @alekratz Perl, Not Quite Perl
- @Aaronepower Automake, .NET Resource, HLSL, INI, Unreal Plugin,
Unreal Project, Unreal Shader, Unreal Shader Header, Unreal Markdown,
Visual Basic, Visual Studio Solution, Visual Studio Project, XCode Config,
- @TheMrNomis SWIG
- @xnorme Added the `.vhdl` extension to VHDL

# 8.0.0
* A language's comments, and quotes are now available through the `LanguageType`

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@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ license = "MIT/Apache-2.0"
name = "tokei"
readme = ""
repository = ""
version = "8.0.1"
version = "9.0.0"
edition = "2018"


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