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AbFab3D is a library to help develop 3D printing editors and tools.

Building AbFab3D:

We use Apache Ant as the build system.  You can download ant here:

From the main directory type:  ant build

This will build the library.  All external dependencies besides Ant are
checked into the project.  Voxels programs can use a lot of ram so I'd recommend
a 64 bit Java JVM.  If your running with a 32 bit JVM you will likely need to
lower the ram specifications for programs

Running Examples:

AbFab3D contains several example programs that show how to use the codebase.
These examples are loocated in the apps/* directory.  To run an example
go into the directory and type: ant run

Most of the examples generate an binary X3D file to "out.x3db".  Typically I use the standlone brower from the Xj3D project( to view
these files.  To use X3D browsers that don't support the binary format change
the file ending to ".x3dv" 

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