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Guiding Principle

  • Is it Healthy?

General Thoughts

I'm hoping to introduce challenges this year for each month, and stick to them for thirty days at least, with the option to just continue. To build better habits, and get into a rhythm. So far I've found it very easy to stick to a routine and 'daily tasks' when I'm not in a stress state, but when work ramps up I find it more and more difficult to maintain.

Perhaps a way of overcoming that is to attack the points of stress in an intellectual way when they arise. In a way, my first challenge month should set a decent foundation of calm and focus to help with that endeavour.

Jan: Meditate daily. Feb: Exercise daily. Mar: Apr: May: Jun: Jul: Aug: Sep: Go Vegetarian. Oct: Go Vegan. Nov: Dec:

Specific Goals

  • Keep a bullet journal all year.
  • Make Ketchup from scratch.
  • Read 12 books.

General Goals

  • Read more.
  • Keep rabbits.
  • Play more guitar.
  • Drink more water.


In 3 Years (41)

  • Ash is 5
  • Io is 3
  • I am still working at TWG
  • I have done demo at TWG again
  • I have a book draft completed.

In 5 Years (43)

  • Ash is 7
  • Io is 5
  • I am still working at TWG
  • I am a confident manager and capable senior software engineer.
  • I have published one book.
  • I regularly demo at TWG.

In 10 Years (48)

  • Ash is 12
  • Io is 10
  • I have published 2 books.
  • I regularly have 2 - 3 months off a year during which I continue to expand my skillset and build things.
  • I have a large garden and have mostly sorted out the seasonal shifts.
  • I capture rainwater for the garden.
  • I have a wind turbine to generate electricity that we store in an array.
  • I have close to the latest technology in the household.

In 30 Years (68)

  • Ash is 32
  • Io is 30
  • I am retired.
  • I am still mentally sharp.
  • I am still creating.
  • I am still open to new experiences.
  • I have a strong community of like-minded people with whom I regularly connect.
  • I am close with my children,.
  • I haven published 5 books.
  • I can speak a language other than English.
  • I am ambulatory, and regularly go on walkabouts.