Curated list of the best Swedish Open Cultural Heritage resources and projects out in the wild.
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Awesome K-samsök


Curated list of the best Swedish Open Cultural Heritage/K-samsök resources and projects out in the wild.

Items marked with Open-Source Software are open-source software.


Getting Started Examples

  • SOCH on a Shoestring - Miniamal K-samsök usage examples in Bash and Perl. Open-Source Software
  • soch.js - Minimal K-samsök usage examples in modern Javascript. Open-Source Software

Code Libraries

  • ksamsok-py - Python library for K-samsök. Open-Source Software
  • ksamsok-php - PHP library for K-samsök. Open-Source Software
  • soch-ugc-py - Python library for reading and writing data to K-samsöks user generated content platform. Open-Source Software
  • KNReiseAPI - Javascript wrapper over various geospatial/cultural heritage APIs including K-samsök. Open-Source Software

Applications using K-samsök

  • - lets you search all of K-samsök as well as add information to the User Generated Content platform.
  • Faces of Sweden - Exprimental timeline interface showcasing historical portraits. Open-Source Software
  • Historiska Museet - Searching the Swedish History Museum's collection online.
  • Fornfynd - iOS app for searching and discovering heritage sites.
  • Kringla Visualized - A collection of K-samsök data visualizations. Open-Source Software

Tools and Services

  • ksamsok-rest - A RESTful API build on top of K-samsök. Open-Source Software
  • SOCH Download CLI - Command line interface for batch downloading of K-Samsök records. Open-Source Software
  • SOCH DCAT-AP - Service providing all K-samsök datasets to the Swedish Open data portal. Open-Source Software

Tutorials and Articles