Python script for turning Platsr collections into interactive websites using Odyssey.js
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template.html is a script for turning collections into interactive websites using Odyssey.js, allowing anyone to create their own interactive map based storytelling website. You can find a live example here.

How to use

  • This requires that you have Python 3 installed.

  • First download this repo as a .zip file and unzip it(or if you got git installed this repo clone it).

  • cd into its folder using the command line.

  • simply write id but replace "id" with the id of the Platsr collection(you find this number in the collections URL)

That's it you will now find a file called index.html in a sub folder launch this in you web browser! If you rather would play around in the Odyssey.js Sandbox you will find all the generated Markdown in another file called markdown.txt.