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Ring Syntax highlighter for notepad++

This is a simple ring language syntax highlighter for notepad++ if you don't know what ring languge is refer to :


Ring syntax highlighter in action Feauters

  • Automatically activates on files with the .ring extension
  • Folding for if but else ok statments and { }


  1. Clone this repository or download Ring.xml in the syntax folder
  2. Open Notepad++
  3. Open the "Language" menu
  4. Select "Define your language..."
  5. Click "Import..."
  6. select Ring.xml
  7. Select "OK" on the "Import successful" dialog and close the "User Defined Language" dialog/panel
  8. You may need to restart notepad++
  9. Enjoy :)

Run integration

  1. Open notepad++ if it's not already opend
  2. Open the "Run" menu
  3. Choose Run...
  4. On the run dialog Put this command(Chnage RING_BIN_FOLDER to point to ring folder):

cmd /K cd /D "RING_BIN_FOLDER" && run.bat "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)""

i.e if ring.exe is in c:\ring\bin\ my command would be: cmd /K cd /D "c:\ring\bin\" && run.bat "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"