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GitHub license

alt text Wiki (Help)

alt text Support me (PayPal)

alt text Changelog

alt text License: MIT

alt text Get WinPaletter

  1. GitHub releases

or 2. Microsoft WinGet: winget install Abdelrhman-AK.WinPaletter -l "UnzipPath"

or 3. Chocolatey: choco install WinPaletter --version 1.0.8 (You must mention WinPaletter version)

alt text Languages support:

- Uploaded languages

- Contribute in Language Files Creation\Modification

alt text Requirements:

Operation System WinPaletter version starting from ... and higher Frameworks
Windows 11, 10 Any version You might need to update .NET framework in outdated Windows 10 or build less than 1709
Windows 8.1, 7 .NET Framework 4.7, or 4.8 & reboot after this first setup Necessary
Windows 8 Not supported Not supported as .NET framework 4.7 or 4.8 can't be installed at all
Windows Vista .NET Framework 4.8 Repacked. Read Windows Vista's documentation
Windows XP OneCoreAPI + .NET Framework 4.8 Repacked. You must read its documentation

alt text Do you have an antivirus or browser issue?

Click here to read instructions

alt text WinPaletter: Advanced Windows Appearance Editor

alt text alt text

  • You can modify Windows 7\8.1 LogonUI screen\Lock Screen, using Default Backgrounds, Wallpaper, Custom colors and external image, with effects can be applied like Blur, Acrylic Noise, Aero Glass,...

alt text Windows Metrics and Fonts:

  • You can change Windows Metrics, including Titlebars' Height with padding and borders. You can also change other elements metrics like scrollbars and icons.
  • You can change Windows Fonts, including Titlebars, Icons, Messages and other fonts

alt text

alt text Wallpaper Tone:

alt text

alt text Windows Terminals:

  • Including Command Prompt, PowerShell (Windows 7, 8.1, 10, 11) and Windows Terminal (Windows 10,11)

alt text

alt text Classic Colors:

  • You will see perfect results if you force classic theme for Windows 11\10\8.1 (i.e All Windows elements will be colorized).
  • Windows 7 has a classic theme, so it is can be modified without using external tools to enable classic theme

alt text

  • If you don't use a classic theme (Windows 11\10\8.1), this will be applicable for some Windows Elements like Dialogs backcolor, labels forecolor and hilights only (i.e. not all Windows elements will be colored like buttons, progressbar and tabpages as they are handled/managed by Visual Styles, not Windows Registry Colors).

alt text

alt text Colorize your cursors, even the animated loading circles!

alt text

alt text Credits