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Anaerobic digestion (AD) is a process by which micro-organisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen, leading to the production of biogas and digestate. Combined heat and power (CHP) AD technology converts methane in biogas into electricity and heat. Whilst there is general public support for AD projects, studies have produced mixed results about the economic feasibility of these projects with many findings showing that AD projects are economically unviable. Most studies however adopt a deterministic methodological framework which can lead to non-robust results. A stochastic methodology is inherently robust because it allows a determination of the expected economic outcome of an AD project by probabilistically exploring the realisation of stochastic AD project parameters for multiple simulated cases. However, few economic assessment tools have used a stochastic methodology and to the best of the author’s knowledge, no stochastic economic assessment tools are freely available. This user guide presents a free and publicly available stochastic (CHP) AD economic assessment tool (SADEAT). The tool incorporates technical and financial parameters affecting the economics of (CHP) AD projects and allows the user to specify the number of cases of a project to simulate as well as the distribution type (uniform or triangular) of relevant project parameters. The tool can be downloaded here and is compatible for installation on computers operating on a Windows platform.