Important algorithms I have learnt at university
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1. simple-cases
2. data-structures
3. paradigms
4. graphs
5. math


Library of all the algorithms implemented in C++/Java that I have encountered. Some of the code examples here are taken from the "Competitive Programming 3" book.

I'm still writing most of this, and it's still under development. I will be adding more and more algorithms as I learn more things.

Areas Already Organized

  • Simple built-in features
  • Data Structures


  • Use printf scanf instead of cin cout for a speedup.
  • Use the algorithm::sort as it runs in O(nlogn), and it is cache friendly.
  • For Bit manipulation use built-in integer data types, and if not enough use bitset rather than vector.


  • Use BufferedReader, and PrintWriter.
  • ArrayList is faster than Vector.
  • ASCII: BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(, ”ISO−8859−1”));


To run C++ faster you can use tags like:

g++ -std=c++11 -O3 filename.cpp

This will run the third optimization level of g++.


-O3 is only appropriate when trying to generate fast code though - use it with caution.


-Ofast would also work: -Ofast enables all -O3 optimizations. It also enables optimizations that are not valid for all standard compliant programs.