Aggregator for all of NYU's social media (NYUSecrets, etc.)
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WhatupNYU is an aggregator for all of NYU's social media (NYUSecrets, etc.). It was created as part of a mini-hackathon and built for the sole purpose of providing a single access point for all of NYU's media services.

The version is currently the older one as the newer service (with NYULocal, and People) got deleted when the server died, but it contains the same basic things behind it.

It's not cache optimized (like the new one was), but just takes data directly from Facebook. I will be adding some more functionality after I recover & reprogram some of the things.

My thoughts on creating it:

Technology Stack

For this project I mostly used open-source software, and pulled things from my old projects. I built this mainly off jQuery, and to render it I used CSS & PHP. I used the jQuery Isotope, and the jQuery colorbox plugin, and the Facebook RSS API to quickly build this aggregator.