Simple Union Find algorithm implemented in Go
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Union Find

A quick implementation of Union-Find in Go.

  • A union–find algorithm is an algorithm that performs two useful operations on such a data structure
    • Find: Determine which subset a particular element is in. This can be used for determining if two elements are in the same subset
    • Union: Join two subsets into a single subset
  • Bound
    • O(nlog(n))
  • Uses
    • Disjoint-set data structures model the partitioning of a set, for example to keep track of the connected components of an undirected graph.
    • This model can then be used to determine whether two vertices belong to the same component, or whether adding an edge between them would result in a cycle.
    • The Union–Find algorithm is used in high-performance implementations of unification.

Simple Program

go get
package main

import (
	unionfind ""

func main(){
	union := unionfind.NewUnionFind()