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Planet: Understanding the Amazon from Space

Use satellite data to track the human footprint in the Amazon rainforest

Training on resnet50 with dataset(by

Submission to Kaggle

Evaluated based on their mean (F_{2}) score. The F score, commonly used in information retrieval, measures accuracy using the precision p and recall r. Precision is the ratio of true positives (tp) to all predicted positives (tp + fp). Recall is the ratio of true positives to all actual positives (tp + fn). The (F_{2}) score is given by

  • First Try: Transforming image to size=128 was giving f_{2} score of 0.924815 Tranforming

  • Second Try: Transforming images to size=256 gave use f_{2} score of 0.928..

Top 6% out of 923 teams

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