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Vector data types and polymorphic SIMD functions for Haskell
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This library provides polymorphic SIMD functions. It also provides general lifted instances of the vector data types.

The major combinators provided by this library are:

fold :: (a -> a -> a) -> (b -> b -> b) -> b -> t b -> b
zipVec ::
       (a -> a -> a) -> (b -> b -> b) -> t b -> t b -> t b
fmap :: (a -> a) -> (b -> b) -> t b -> t b
fromContainer :: t b -> [b]

It accepts a vector function as the first argument and the corresponding scalar function as the second argument. All of the functions are also overloaded, so for multiplying all the elements of a structure you should write

fold (\x y -> x * y :: FloatX4) (\x y -> x * y :: Float) 1 <vector data structure here>

the vector data structure mentioned can be a

  • Vector List which is plainly a wrapper around a list
  • Vector array which is a shape polymorphic unboxed array

All of the operations computed on these data structures using the above mentioned combinators would be implicitly vectorised. We hope to add a few more data structures like vectorised trees etc

Current supported vector types in GHC:



cabal new-build --with-compiler="your home directory/ghc/inplace/bin/ghc-stage2" --allow-newer


This library works off a cutting edge branch (sorry for the pun) which can be found here:

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