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Repository for the Code Disciples blog -

Netlify Status

Code Disciples is a blog for all things code. The internet is vast and is full of great content and mostly awesome folks who are always willing to help. However, sometimes, we run into a real head-scratcher that requires rummaging through heaps of documentation or tutorials until we hit that "eureka!" moment. Most blogs on Code Disciples stem from such painful moments of frustration. The site provides a means for me to document topics or scenarios that I struggled with when I first encountered them or subjects that I simply felt would be fun to blog about. I hope you find at least some of them to be useful.

The site is developed with Pelican and deployed using Netlify

Here's a list of the articles on Code Disciples

  1. Pre-commit hooks for Python code
  2. Embedding Jupyter Notebooks in a website
  3. A reminder app with Python, Twilio and AWS Lambda
  4. Plotting on Google Maps with gmplot
  5. Pythonic Dictionaries
  6. Advanced Git Commands
  7. Namedtuples
  8. Bind Mounting with Docker Toolbox on Windows
  9. Running PostgreSQL in a Docker Container
  10. git rebase - a cautious alternative to git merge
  11. Running Celery on Windows 10
  12. Queries using Flask SQLAlchemy
  13. Deploying a Flask website on Heroku
  14. Custom Commands with Flask
  15. Deploying a Python application on a Linux server - Part I
  16. Deploying a Python application on a Linux server - Part II
  17. Presentations with Markdown
  18. Toggle Switches
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