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  • [Tests] Covered uniqueEntity


  • Implemented phpunit tests. Fixed composer for travis integration.
  • Fixed issue #13. Fields with property_path = false must be excluded from validation.
  • Fixed issue #16. No need to supply second parameter to createForm controller function.
  • [cache warmer] Changed the naming of the output javascript file. After: {{ JSFV(form, true) }} returns /bundle/jsformvalidation/js/myRoute_myForm.js Before: {{ JSFV(form, true) }} has returned /bundle/jsformvalidation/js/myRoute.js


  • Implemented client-side validation of simple forms which are built manually.


  • Added CheckMX support for Email Constraint
  • Added getJsFormElementValue(field) Twig Extention
  • Changed interface of JS calls. Field object is passed instead of value by default.


  • Unique Entity support has been implemented (jquery framework only)
  • Implemented validation of the constraints which are based on method of the entity clas


  • Version 2.1 has been mastered.
  • Fix issue #8 Symfony 2.1 compability


  • Dispatch events before and after processing constraints of a form
  • Manage validation groups with an event listener
  • Manage repeated field
  • Include the asset helper function
  • Doc for events


  • New assets warmer system. Now, define routes in configuraiton instead of a list of parameters
  • fix isIPv6_no_res function in IpValidator


  • Search for the first parent form
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