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# app/config.yml

    enabled: true
    yui_js: false
    check_modes: [submit, blur]
    javascript_framework: jquery
    validation_bundle: APYJsFormValidationBundle
    script_directory: bundles/jsformvalidation/js/
    warmer_routes: [route1,route2]
    identifier_field: jsfv_identifier
    translation_group: validators
  • enabled is optional (Default: true). Set to false disable all javascript form validations if you use the Twig function.

  • yui_js is optional (Default: false). Set to true enable yui compressor. yui_js assetic filter have to be defined.

  • check_mode DEPRECATED use check_modes instead.

  • check_modes is optional (Default: ["submit", "blur"]). Modes of the validation. Add submit to enable a validation of a form on the submit action. Add blur to enable a validation of a field of a form when the field lost the focus. Add change to enable a validation of a field of a form when the field is changed. This will behave mostly the same as blur, but will avoid race condition and false validation errors to appear with widgets like jQueryUI datepicker.

  • javascript_framework is recommended (Default: jquery). Javascript framework used by the validation script. Choices: jquery, mootools, prototype, yui3, dojo, zepto or extjs

  • validation_bundle is optional (Default: APYJsFormValidationBundle). You can override the default implementation of the validation script and its framework variants in your bundle.

Here is the template of the common script for validation. APYJsFormValidationBundle::JsFormValidation.js.twig

Here is a framework template of a the common script for validation. APYJsFormValidationBundle:Frameworks:JsFormValidation.your_framework.js.twig

  • script_directory is optional (Default: bundles/jsformvalidation/js/). Define where scripts will be generated.

  • warmer_routes is optional (Default: ~). See Assets warmer

  • identifier_field is optional (Default: jsfv_identifier). Defines the name of the hidden field which serves to convey the primary identifier value for UniqueEntity constraint request. This value will be ignored when entity is updated.

  • translation_group is optional (Default: validators) This option determines which validation group will be used by the translator: Translator.get('{{ 'translation_group' }}':'+key, placeholders, number); For more information look at Validation Groups of Symfony user's manual.