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Overriding the bundle


You can define the bundle of the validation script in configuration.

# app/config.yml

    validation_bundle: MyProjectMyBundle

Validation script is defined in a template file so you can also overriding it like a normal template.


Field Constraints

The contraints are pure javascript but you can overriding them. Constraints script are defined in template files so you can overriding them like a normal template.

  • app/Resources/JsFormValidationBundle/views/Constraints/MinValidator.js.twig
  • app/Resources/JsFormValidationBundle/views/Constraints/NotBlankValidator.js.twig

Custom Constraints

The same as previous. If your constraint class name is YouConstraintValidator you should place javascript code for it into app/Resources/JsFormValidationBundle/views/Constraints/YouConstraintValidator.js.twig.

Getters which is used with constraints

Default location of the javascript handlers based on getters is

  • src/Foo/BundleName/Resources/views/Getters/EntityName.MethodName.js.twig

It can be overriden by

  • app/Resources/JsFormValidationBundle/views/Getters/EntityName.MethodName.js.twig

See How to use your custom constraints based on entity getter method


You can override controller that is used for UniqueEntity constraint. In this case you should implement an action in your own controller with the specific route and ignore step 4 of the current installation guide.