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Official Mirror of the AbiWord subversion repository - Read-Only
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docs Update the testing doc.
icons Fix SVG icon. It mistakenly had more than just the icon.
plugins Bug 13568 - Remove gtk2 builder files.
po Updated Welsh translation (Rhoslyn Prys)
src Remove extra ';'
test Tests for ie_Table. Include a test document for it.
tools Largely improved release script (from stable)
user Set Letter paper dimensions to 215.9 mm x 279.4 mm in the two Canadia…
AUTHORS Lots of image dialog fixes from Simon Larochelle's first contribution.
BUILD.TXT ...yeees
BiDiReadme.txt Update documentation
COPYING Update FSF address
COPYRIGHT.TXT Fix the text (revert previous, AND take out the original (98/99 or so)
ChangeLog Merge buildsys branch
Doxyfile Update doxygen file for new syntax. Fix make distcheck (from stable)
NEWS Merge buildsys branch
README svn merge -r29073:29323 svn+ssh://…
abiword.1 Avoid CamelCase naming for user settings.
abiword.desktop Install icon in right directory.
abiword.keys patch for bug 6726; not sure it's necessary, but it can't hurt install pc file without cflags and libs when building libabiword
abiword.png Install icon in right directory. svn merge -r29073:29323 svn+ssh://… don't symlink as this is a problem when building
compile-resource Merge buildsys branch Remove HAVE_GSF_GIO since we require a version of GSF that has it for… Avoid rounding error.
generate_changelog.php Fix the php magic to run properly here. install pc file without cflags and libs when building libabiword
libgcrypt.m4 New codepath which uses libgcrypt for decoding blowfish encrypted ODF…
lt-compile-resource Merge buildsys branch
m4_ax_boost_base.m4 updated the boost tests Properly detect moc


This is the source tree for the AbiSource desktop productivity tools,
namely the AbiWord word processor.
Everything contained here is copyrighted and is available for your use
and redistribution under certain license terms.  Please read
COPYRIGHT.TXT and TRADEMARK.TXT for more information.

Current information is available at

This tree contains the following top-level subdirectories:

	All source code is under here, including applications,
	library modules, and third-party source code.

	Autoconf macros used by the autoconfiscated build system (configure).

	Documents related to the project.  Includes specifications,
	design documents, and the like.  You should also find instructions
	for how to build the tree in here, within the "build" subdirectory.

	Localized strings for each locale we support, in PO format, as well
	as scripts for conversion to and from Abi's native .strings files,
	which are the files actually used directly by the program(s).  PO
	files are maintained as a convenience for translators, many of whom
	are already accustomed to working with them (as opposed to .strings).

	Regression testing tools (scripts, documents, and the like) reside

	Test files for AbiWord (not explicitly part of regression testing). 

	Support files, other than code, which need to be installed
	on the user's machine, are stored in here.  Items which
	are too large to be practical do not necessarily go here,
	such as the fonts.

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