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Abie is a DAO that includes a voting system and a Sybil-resistant membership system. Only the vote of the members can trigger a transaction to the beneficiary. The 'liquid democracy' allows members that don't have any device or Internet access to express their opinion on each incoming proposal.


npm i
npm start


You deploy and use this contract at your own risks. Before the deployment you should know the name and statement of intent of the fund you're deploying, as well as the list of the first members.

"0x4162696520446576","0x57652077616e7420746f207465737420416269652e",["<your addr>","<your friend's addr>","0x24cfc8f7ff347c158e6f06c37e94525892b4df44","0xeefb9234302128259d46ed9e223fbc48b5edb5d1"]

Congrats! Your contract is deployed, you can interact with it.

Actual costs of essential functions

  • Deploy: 0.002425984 Ether ($0,49)
  • Submit proposal: 0.000178914 Ether ($0.18) + deposit
  • Vote : 0.000044765 Ether ($0,009)
  • Claim: 0.000038495 Ether ($0,007) + deposit

(based on Etherscan « Actual Tx Cost/Fee » @ 1 ETH = $203)

Test with Remix

You can watch the 3 minutes video here.


Check the project board and issues (see the attached Gitcoin issues) or the Trello board. Come say hi on Riot!

Here's the current to-do list:

  • Deploy to mainnet
  • Call for attacks to stress test a contract loaded with real value (check out the announcement draft under edit)
  • Improve the detailed presentation of the voting system and logic (see draft)

In vivo test methodology

  1. Contact as many orgs focusing on the same topic
  2. Find 15 persons ready to install Metamask and assume a right to vote
  3. Deploy on mainnet
  4. Fund 5 simple proposals
  5. Call for donations on the basis of previous successes


The latest version is deployed at 0x7f041abd5e84667b540370229b20a8fd4cdb8b09.


On May-10-2018 01:58:02 PM +UTC, Abie has run as expected on Ropsten network.


Date of deployment Address Balance
May-10-2018 01:58:02 PM +UTC 0xf03003f0f1ca38b8d26b8be44469aba51f31d9f3 2 ETH
May-23-2018 10:54:13 PM +UTC 0xc42e30da7cb0087e6ad9200f876b084e8f72c040 0.7 ETH
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