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Curses based Hue control application
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Curses based Hue control application

In the long term this is intended to be useful for all types of setups. Currently it is designed for the author's bedroom, but most things are customisable.

Settings can be configured in (including bridge IP address, and the name of the room to control), keybindings can be configured in The keybindings were set up with an OSMC RF remote control in mind; this has a USB dongle that plugs into the server and produces keyboard input on the active terminal. Some of the keys don't produce distinct keyboards - I have provided a keymap for linux's loadkeys command.

To run: Just run it on a console. Default keybindings are:

up/down - select scene left/right - select scene within "favorites" enter - switch entire lights on/off -/= - lighten or darken current settings

    • mark a scene favorite or not home/c - pick two particular scenes

[letter] - select next scene starting with letter page up - restore last set scene escape - quit


the scene selection commands don't work very well with scenes being via another method. we need to be able to work out what scene is currently active: the API doesn't tell us this, but we should be able to compare the light's state to the scenes' values and work out a best match. this then will be used as the 'current' scene when going prev/next. the light data for scene's doesn't seem to be in the data returned by .get_api(); i think we maybe need to make a GET based api call per scene (this should be cached).

it won't pick up on changes to scenes/rooms dynamically. we should watch for those.

need to test behaviour on network fallover.

can only address one room at a time. this is fine for my (Abigail's) purposes but in larger multi-user installations won't do. what is the UX for this like? in an IDEAL world the remote controls would know what room they are in and operate on that, but that's probably unfeasible, so they need to be associated with rooms on a per-remote-control basis? should there be a buttom to change room? i don't like this because it's too easy to press accidentally and not realise you've done it and be accidentally affecting your housemate's room.

there should be less settings/better defaults

  • auto-discover bridge
  • room selection should default to a room, let you override and let you save
  • default scenes for home/i scenes should be built-in hue scenes, and then you should be able to change these somehow in the app
  • faves scenes should save, as well
  • keyboard bindings should show up on screen

there should be a headless version which connects to the USB device for the remote control directly, and doesn't need to worry about running on a console and just gets run as a daemon?


  • a 'random' button (random hsb, not scene)
  • can we use ANSI colour in the app to show the predominant colour of scenes?
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