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C# Library for working with BSP files (and other similar file formats).
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BSP Library

Supported Formats

Those formats listed here are all this library can read. Feel free to increase them.

There is also OBJ supported for export of the map.

Gold Source

GoldSource (or GoldSrc) is game engine for games like:

BSP v30

BSP version 30 is current version of maps used by GoldSource.

For creating those maps, I recommend you to use Valve Hammer Editor or Sledge Editor.


WAD version 3 is format of file for storing textures and fonts for GoldSource games.

For creating and modifying those files, you can use Wally ( GameBanana link ).


This code is distributed under MIT License.

You are free to do anything but must provide credit to the github page. There is no need for listing all contributors.

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