A simple starter project for an iPad app to log attendees to an event.
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This app was written as an example / support project for a Stack Overflow user. There are a couple of things in it that are really not best practice (find the sleep() call, for example). I should rewrite this at some point when I get some time.


A simple iPad app to log students into an event with their ticket number.

This consists of an Xcode workspace that holds two projects

  • PromNight - the iPad app
  • Loader - a Mac OS X app to preload the data for the iPad app.

The common data model is is in the Common folder and is referenced by both projects.


Preload the database

To create the database to be used compile and run the loader program.

Click the "Load Data" button and navigate to the csv file that hold the data to load. There is a test.csv file in the Common folder.

The store is recreated each time - loading data doesn't append new objects, it creates a new store with the new data.

This has to be in the format 'firstName', 'lastName', 'ticketNumber' and the file is expected to have the first row be the header. (This is important, becase the first line is ignored).

After it runs you will see the number of items that it had to process, the number of items successfully processed, and the location of the store that you need to import into the iOS project.

The window shows where the PromNight.sqlite file has been created. Copy this into the iOS project. For the sample data this has already been done.