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A way to quickly test different localisations by using custom schemes.
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Simple Localisation Testing.

Sometimes you don't want to go through the hassle of changing your device or Mac settings just to test a localisation.

Well, through the magic of Xcode build schemes and runtime arguments you don't have to.

This is the example to go with the explanation at It demonstrates:

  • Setting up Schemes to run localisations quickly without having to change machine settings.
  • An Xcode workspace with multiple projects and shared images.
  • Pictures of tasty food.


Really? This is just a demo. But since I'm using some Creative-Commons images, I suppose that will do. So cc-by it is. But basically - don't be a dick.


  • Paella image: cc-nc-sa by mj*laflaca. The original is on Flickr
  • Fish and chips image: cc-nd David Ascher. The original is on Flickr
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