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Ablative Hosting was originally incorporated to be the first 'domino' in a chain of shell companies whose sole purpose was to frustrate a tabled amendment to the Digital Economy Bill 2017.

This amendment would compel Auxillary Service Providers (ISPs) to terminate a customer if they were hosting adult material without complying to the Age Verification mandates. If the ASP did not comply with they would be in breach of the legislation and could be further compelled by a Court Order.

Ablative Hosting therefore was designed to consume the time and money of the Court and Age Verification Regulator only to disolve and pass all customers to the next domino thus causing the Regulator to start their censorious work all over again.

Thankfully this amendment was removed and web hosts will not be forced to terminate customers, however ASPs can still be forced to hand over the details of their customers and ISPs can be forced to censor/block access to blacklisted websites.

With this in mind Ablative Hosting will be offering web hosting designed to circumvent Government censorship. It does this by enabling SSL for free (as some censorship software will permit SSL traffic rather than break the connection entirely) and also enables Tor Project Onion services (a.k.a Darknet hosting.)

Onion/Hidden/Darknet services cannot be censored or blocked at all.

The service is available in two modes:

Single Hop Onion: Only uses a single hop into the Tor network which reduces anonymity but greatly increases response times etc. Ideal for when you want to host a clearnet website but have censorship resiliance.

Multi Hop Onion: Uses the full 3 hop functionality of the Tor Network to ensure the anonymity of both yourself and the physical location of the server. This is commonly referred to as the "DarkNet" or "hidden services". We prefer the term "Multi-hop onion".

Uncensorable websites present an ethical problem. I believe that free speach is very important but likewise I don't want to provide a platform to those who would see others come to harm.

I want to help marginalised communities flower, I want to help those without a voice be heard, I want to help those whose stories get shutdown by lawyers who misuse the DMCA, I want to help the indie model or aspiring director publish their material no matter how niche or esoteric.

For those angered by my being no better than the Government I would encourage you to remember XKCD 1357 and to build your own hosting company.

The more the better.



A crowd sourced Acceptable Use Policy and Contract Terms for Ablative Hosting Customers




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