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AddressFinder iOS Demo

This repo contains an example of how you can use the AddressFinder API in an iOS application.

Getting Started

A demo application is included in the AFAutoCompleteDemo folder.

  1. Clone the repo and open the Xcode project.
  2. Sign up at to get a licence key (it's free!).
  3. Add your key & secret to the AddressFinder.plist file.
  4. Run the application!

The demo application should now work providing you have added your AddressFinder credentials to the .plist.


Adding AddressFinder to your own application

Adding AddressFinder to your own application is an easy task. Here we have provided AFAutoComplete for you to use in your own iOS projects. You can simply add a UITextField to your View, and change the class to AFAutoComplete.

To do more with the address data you can implement the following optional method:

- (void)textField:(AFAutoComplete *)textField didEndEditingWithSelection:(NSDictionary *)result

Here you are provided with the Full Address and Pxid (unique identifier) which you can use to call other AddressFinder APIs to get even more information. To view all available AddressFinder APIs please visit here:

In the demo app we have implemented this method and are calling the AddressFinder Address Info API ( to retreive line-by-line address information, and extra information such as the latitude and longitude of the address.


The AFAutoComplete class uses modified code from th eMPGTextField ( project. Huge thanks to all contributors in that project ❤️.


iOS example application for AddressFinder




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